Why was Zlob Created?

Single Reason Behind Creating Zlob


I know many unlucky victims of Zlob believe this trojan downloader was created with the single purpose to mess up their computers. But any blue screen of death (BSOD) or performance deterioration are nothing but side effects of Zlob activity. It's main and evidently only purpose is to download executable code of fake security programs.

And those are numerous. I counted over a hundred of all sorts of system keepers, antispyware guards and antivirus protectors advertized by Zlob.

To name a few:

* Spy Heal
* System Doctor
* AntiSpy Zone
* VirusProtectPro
* AntiVirGear
* VirusRanger
* AntiSpyCheck
* Virus Blast
* AntiviralGolden
* Virus Rescue
* Pest Trap
* SpyAxe
* SpyFalcon
* SpywareStrike
* many, many, many more...

It's a pity that after already 3 full years of Zlob existence on the Web its victims still believe those shiny ads and continue to buy so-called licenses in a desperate hope to stop the ads loop. Unfortunately, that's a waste of non-refundable money. Judging by the activity of Zlob trojan programmers and promoters, considering the number of fake aplications created and absolutely insane number of domains involved in promoting Zlob-based programs, I conclude that Zlob is a very profitable investment for a team of cyber criminals.

Which means they will not stop pushing Zlob onto Windows computers unless imprisoned. Consequently, all Internet users should be concerned about this danger and take proper steps to ensure their PC's are protected against Zlob intrusion. Or, if already infected, remove zlob in as little time as possible.

Note: I will not give a single example of a domain promoting Zlob because I'm not going to send them victims. Those domains are VERY dangerous for visitors. As of now, I've counted well more than a hundred websited directly advertising Zlob trojan downloader. New websites appear every month.

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