How Could You Be Infected?

You may ask yourself, “how in the world could I have been infected by this zlob trojan.” (what is the zlob trojan?) There are many different ways that this Trojan could have infected you. It is mainly found in sites for messaging and gaming. There are many different messaging sites that could have given you this trojan. Some sites to be specially mentioned are Yahoo instant messenger, AOL instant messenger, and Windows live messenger. The zlob trojan has also been hidden and transferred in online games. In gaming the games to be infected by online are mainly War craft, Call to Arms, and Counter Strike. These games have been known to hide the zlob trojan.

It's interesting to know how zlob distributes itself. Email spam has remained in the days gone. Hence, not many people use email anymore so the creators of the zlob troan needed to find a better way to get from computer to computer. Presently the zlob trojan is presented in the form of video codec. Videos are available on millions of websites on the web. Flash animation is ubiquitous. Multimedia content is everywhere. Because there are quite many formats of video and audio encoding, it's not uncommon to come across a website that requires some special plugin, browser add-on, or codec update. The creators of the zlob trojan exploited multimedia abundance by creating codecs with integrated malicious code. When a surfer is redirected to a website (or goes directly from a search engine), an innocently-looking windows pops up informing them about there "missing codec". Then it takes just a mouse-click to get infected with the zlob trojan and start receiving continuous ads about spyware infection, registry errors and the like.

One of the more common ways that this Trojan infects you is by popup windows. The popup will appear as some sort of apparent Windows notification. Then, once you click anywhere within the popup, even trying to close it, additional spyware will being to install itself and this is typically when Zlob installs itself.

All you need is the proper protecting and to be careful when looking at an apparent windows notification. If you are careful then you wont have to worry about any viruses and or trojans; however, if you are already infected you just need to follow some easy steps in order to fix your computer. Hopefully this has helped open your eyes and keeps you from getting infected in the future. If you follow these guides, then you wont have to lookup how to remove the zlob trojan again =]. Also view some Free Trojan Removal Software.

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